Sunday, February 26, 2012

i concerti di questi ultimi giorni sono andati benissimo. grazie a tutti per avermi ascoltato, parlato, passato un bicchiere di vino o aver comprato un cd. non vedo l'ora di suonare a bologna.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Aaaaand this is a song I recorded a while ago with this Rotterdam band called Neon Rainbows. They have quite a few shows next month in the Netherlands so why not check them out? JA TOCH!

These are their next shows:

March 2012
1 - Rotterdam, 'De Unie', Late night talkshow (NL) (start 21:30)
3 - Den Haag, 'Cremers', RELEASE PARTY new EP by ORGANISMS w/ the Chase club (NL)
15 - Amsterdam,'Pakhuis Wilhelmina' ( PAGETURNER EVENING) (NL)
17 - Rotterdam, 'Roodkapje' / Organims & Wolvon (SCENE SPIRIT EVENING!) (NL)
23 - Haarlem, 'Patronaat', w/ Organisms (NL)
24 - Groningen, 'Viadukt', w/ Wolvon, Organisms (SCENE SPIRIT / LEPEL EVENIN

This is the link to the song on Soundcloud:
This is a mini cd we did a while ago for a tour with Bob Corn and Rella the Woodcutter. This is a review (in Italian) that has the 3 songs in streaming. Go ahead and listen to it!

This is is the picture that is inside the cd, shot by Benedetta Ventrella:

Questo è un mini cd che abbiamo fatto un po' di tempo fa con Bob Corn e Rella the Woodcutter. Questa è una recensione del cd in italiano, nel link ci sono le 3 canzoni in streaming. Ascoltatelo!

Questa è la foto all'interno del cd, scattata da Benedetta Ventrella:

Locandina del concerto di Milano-Varedo di venerdì!

Who loves a cover? How about a song by me covered by Bob Corn?

Chi vuole una cover? Che ne dite di una mia canzone coverizzata da Bob Corn?

Another song! Recorded last year in a really dreary Rotterdam weather with Bob Corn and Arnold van de Velde.

This is a song I did a while ago with a great band called Muzak.

Monday, February 20, 2012

It has been a super long time. We are in the process of rehearsing songs that will go into this record that will be out some time this year. We should get into the studio in Rotterdam in April. The record will be called MUSIC FOR ROOS and this is the cover, a beautiful picture of Roos shot by Dutch photographer Koos Breukel:

The record will be played by guitarist Arnoud van der Zijden and best drummer ever Ruben van Asselt temporarily known as THE MODELFUCKERS, and me.
This record will be out on FOOLTRIBE.

Dal vivo da un campo! a Musica nelle Valli 2009

Majirelle live a Maps-Radio Città del Capo con Bob Corn e Rella the Woodcutter

prossime date in Italia:

24 cà blasè
25 verona  
28 bologna

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